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With Mobile Revolution Marketing its Presence Everywhere Around the Globe

Why Alcodes?

We at Alcodes understand the niche of every business industry. Thus, we deeply feel that sending personalized messages to the clients and target customers is very important for conducting healthy marketing. We have integrated a super quick and efficient SMS API, ensuring the world-class SMS delivery speed and best market rates. Alcodes is an experienced and established bulk SMS provider in India, providing bulk SMS solution to every business unit as per their customized marketing needs.

Be it the service, the prices, delivery speed, support system, or the user interface, everything is just flawless and designed keeping in mind all types of customer requirements. You don't need to look for other bulk SMS provider to satiate your varied marketing needs as Alcodes covers all the services, including transactional SMS, promotional SMS, and OTP SMS. We're services businesses for years and we've been regularly updating the technology and integrating required features in our bulk SMS solution and, we'll keep going like this helping the businesses to increase their revenue and achieve success on the go.

Alcodes Journey

We dated our Existence in 2009, and since then, we have been helping businesses to flourish.

With SMS-based marketing campaign updates and customer service alerts, we always strive to boost up the level of business communication acting as the best SMS gateway for businesses across the nation.

Since the establishment in the year 2009, we aim to serve the people by deploying the best bulk SMS solution in India. Our vision is to explore and create a nation with an easy handle for communication through short text messages. As far as technological dynamics are concerned, sending SMS is considered one of the most convenient ways to interact with clients and therefore, bulk SMS marketing is the most preferred way to advertise and capture the market. It, therefore, becomes an utmost priority for any business to travel hand in hand with the sprouting network technologies. Mobile is the best and most feasible way to keep in touch with the customers, and by choosing an effective bulk SMS provider, one can communicate any information to a large section of people within a fraction of time. Thus, Alcodes provides the commendable bulk message service to cater to all your marketing needs.

The BulkSMS Web to SMS platform

With our passionate and dedicated team of experts, we at Alcodes (Bulk SMS platform India) cohesively aim to lift the standard of SMS services. We boundlessly work and coordinate in order to provide the best of our special services at your end. Our ultimate goal is "To see customers happy and satisfied," and we continuously work rigorously to attain and maintain the same. Happy Messaging to you!

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