Mere reliance on calls and emails is not successful in the era of technology and advancement that’s highly dynamic. Therefore, the emergence of transactional bulk SMS service is making it easier to send user-specific information.


Gone are the days when just making calls and sending emails were considered enough for reminding the customers about a transaction. With the continuous technological changes in the business processes, there seems to be a requirement of a robust and quick transactional SMS service provider to make the things go easier. Thus, we at Alcodes act as the fastest and the best transactional SMS provider in India providing the users with best ever customer experience.
Our dedicated team has designed everything in such a way that once you use our transactional SMS service, there’s no back as you’ll not like any other transactional SMS provider thereof. Also, our customer support unit is very cooperative and responsive; it is always available for helping you, in case you need any kind assistance. Putting a glance over our pricing, the prices are 100% honest and clear with no hidden charges. Moreover, if you want to first test our services, you can send a trial SMS as well to ensure if you want to go ahead for buying or not. Be it the price, speed, security and quality commitment, Alcodes is the best transactional SMS provider anyway providing the customised transactional bulk SMS service at best market rates. We believe in quality and speed and we do ensure the same to our users.

Group Phone Book

Group Phonebook

This feature allows users to upload and synchronize their phonebook contacts easily. You can make your own group of contacts or link the contacts from your mobile phonebook, which will ultimately save time while sending or scheduling SMS.

SMS Sender

Unlimited Sender ID's

Alcodes provide you unlimited sender id options. These sender IDs are alphanumeric and unique for each SMS campaign. You can choose the sender id’s display name that will help to cognize from where the message has come.

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery

We guarantee a fast delivery service for your transactional SMS campaigns. In order to attain a cent percent delivery report. National or international both types of transactional SMS can be quickly sent to the recipient within a fraction of seconds. You can even test our services instantly.

SMS Security

Highest security with robust in-built system

We at Alcodes ensure the highest security with data encryption as our customers’ data privacy is our priority concern and thus, acting as a transactional SMS gateway, we have, thereby, integrated a robust and scalable in-built system for providing our users the best transactional SMS service of all time.


Promotional SMS are used for marketing purpose, you can send them from 9 AM to 9 PM on non- dnd numbers only, Whereas Transactional SMS are used to send informational content and it works 24 hours with 6 alpha character sender ID ex.: ALCODS.
No, there are no charges on API Integration. Our support team is available for any sort of help on the integration part.
Priority is the only difference. OTP SMS are pushed through a high priority route to ensure instant delivery.